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Magnetic Plaster

When you want to give vitality and dynamism to any space,
a magnetic plaster finish by Badilla Painters can be your design resource.

Design and renovation projects often have tight deadlines, and our exclusive and imported Magnetic Plaster can be painted to match the color you like, giving a beautifully unique feel to any space

We can install magnetic plaster on any wall. You can use it at offices, playrooms, meeting rooms, art studios, kitchens and any other spaces you imagine.

Imagine your workspace with a magnetic wall where you can pin your samples, notes, fabrics and any other component to plan your or your client’s project.

Magnetic Plaster has many advantages:


  • Use for planning, scheduling, brainstorming, posting, project management, sharing, teamwork and lots more.
  • Apply just like any standard plaster. When dried, paint it or wallcover it with your own selection.
  • Is guaranteed to perform as a high level magnetic product for 10 years
  • Safe to use in all indoor environments: offices, schools and homes and can be applied around people with low odor and low VOC.


Count on Badilla Painters to provide you the tools you need to
create the most unique and quality driven finishes. We are passionate about our business, the quality we provide and look to be your go-to partner to fulfill all your design needs in painting and custom finishes.