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Liquid metals

The look and feel of real metal on any surface. Certified Applicators

Durable custom metal finishes without the weight

Liquid Metals is a thin membrane made of real metal that can be applied on almost any surface, furniture, and walls, just like skin, that can be polished or patinated to any desired look and feel of metal.

It can be sprayed, rolled, brushed, applied as a texture, troweled, stippled, and combed, in a very broad spectrum of finishes that can be achieved with this water-based and low-VOC product.

In the end, you will get the look and feel of your desired and unique finish at a fraction of the weight of the real metal, it’s only a 64th of an inch!

Liquid Metals have many advantages:

  • A unique and natural look and feel of real metal Offers cost-effectiveness in comparison to solid metal
  • Thin but strong and durable metal skin Exceptional cohesion and resilience
  • Can be:
    • Done right on site
    • Polished and patinated to virtually any primed substrate
    • Applied like paint (sprayed, brushed, rolled, etc)
  • Seamless, joint free surfaces
  • Limitless possibilities for finishes
  • Low-VOC and low smell for indoor use

Durable custom metal finishes without the weight

Liquid metals are available in a diverse range of colors, which impart a luxurious and distinctive appearance and tactile experience of authentic metal to any space you design.