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Chrome finishing

As a designer, when you are hired to work on an elegant home, upscale hotel lobby, or a distinctive restaurant, you will want to enhance your vision while creating beauty and interest in the space you are designing.

Choosing Badilla Custom Chrome Finishes can help your client’s space be complete. Design and renovation projects often have tight deadlines, an added benefit of choosing us in this process greatly reduces turnaround times.

Chrome finishes come on a variety of colors and will bring a beautifully unique feel to any space you design.

We can add chrome features to any object you envision. You can use it across crown moldings, cabinets & built-ins, furniture, sculptures, railings, or any other pieces you can imagine. Spray chrome can be used to enhance that modern or classic look while also making the area appear clean and beautiful. Imagine your high-end Bedroom, with a gleaming bar that combines rich wood with chrome edges and chrome chairs. Behind the Bar, a mirror running the length of the wall in a hue that matches the paint and decor. Chrome can be used on multiple materials to create that mirror- like sheen in unexpected places.


Chrome finishing has many advantages:

  • Durability similar to traditional chrome plating Our base coats will bond to any substrate: engineered wood, composite, ceramic, plastic, metal, glass, etc.
  • Highly resistant
  • Equally reflective to mirror effect
  • A greener choice over plating
  • Low outlay of capital
  • Vast choice of colors and sheens

Count on us to provide you the tools to create the most unique and quality driven finishes. We are passionate about our business, the quality we provide and look to be your go-to partner to fulfill all your design needs in painting and custom finishes.

“If we can paint it, we can chrome it”